die raum
Project Space Festival

2024 SE14 vinyl-terror & -horror: [lively music]

performance on tuesday, june 4, 20.30 h

Vinyl-terror & -horror, a duo consisting of Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen, will perform a live turntable concert at the Project Space Festival. Their performance will be set against the backdrop of Anne-Mette Schultz’s installation Real Chairs, ­currently on view at die raum.
 Vinyl-terror & -horror are renowned for their captivating turntable concerts and immersive, humorous, post-apocalyptic sound installations. In their concerts, the duo approaches the vinyl medium from a distinctly sculptural perspective, using the material and formats as compositional agents that lead to unexpected outcomes. They play manipulated records, including broken, baked, collaged ‘cut-ups’ on multi-pickup turntables.
 Their approach to sampling takes an analog form, blending a wide range of culturally diverse musical genres in a non-hierarchical mix, such as classical, folk, and schlager music, as well as horror film sound effects, pan flute bird imitations, and aerobic instructions.

At the core of Vinyl-terror & -horror’s manipulation of found objects and sounds is a desire to deconstruct familiar structures and compose a new, highly uncanny narrative.