die raum

2018 SE07 sebastian edin & jens settergren: topos

A die raum special event hosted by errant sound

concert & talk on saturday, january 20, 2018, 21 h,
Kollwitzstraße 97


Vestiges (Edin, 2017)
Effacement Cycles (Edin, 2017)
Topos (Edin & Settergren, 2018) — world premiere
Artist talk / open discussion

Sebastian Edin · Vestiges (Stereo reduction)

Sebastian Edin · Effacement Cycles

Sebastian Edin · Topos (Stereo reduction)

This event marks the first international presentation of a collaborative work by Sebastian Edin and Jens Settergren. Working with a tropics-themed found sound library compiled solely from Hollywood feature films, the artists have composed the six-channel piece Topos. Drawing on notions of the post-­acousmatic, the composers deploy a wide range of techniques and formal strategies assembled from the acousmatic and classical western music traditions. With this set of tools, they proceed to sculpt and structure the aforementioned material — thus juxtaposing and reading these divergent auditory fields through one another.

In addition to the premiere of Topos the concert will include two pieces by Sebastian Edin, as well as a talk by the artists.

Over the last five years Edin and Settergren have collaborated intensely on a wide variety of projects including performances, video works and sound installations. Their work draws connections between art, technology, culture and the collective imaginary — debating matters of experience and recollection, memory and writing, and technics and time.