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https://www.dieraum.net/files/gimgs/th-119_20230218_dr_Vinyl -terror and -horror_IMG_1081_w.jpg

2022 0055 vinyl -terror & -horror: :-)

february 19 — april 16, 2023
viewable from 16 — 22 h

opening on saturday, february 18, 18 h

Vinyl -terror & -horror is back in die raum with one of their typical elaborate contraptions — a kinetic installation involving an air mattress foot pump and a clothes steamer. Characteristic of their work, the installation :-) introduces a piece of complex machinery behind a rather banal human gesture: Every 15 minutes an animatronic construction „breathes“ on the window and draws a figure in the steam.
 Using everyday objects and a not inconsiderable amount of technical equipment and coding Vinyl -terror & -horror often exploit classic horror film tropes creating a disturbing mix of dystopian eeriness and slapstick comedy.