die raum


2012 0009 jytte høy: hello everybody!

february 20 — april 29, 2012
open on workdays from 11—17 h

Jytte Høy’s installation Hello Everybody! is part of an ongoing project titled Words Found More Added. Høy appropriates iconic text fragments from literature classics of writers such as Emily Dickinson, Anne Carson, Charles Baudelaire, and William Carlos Williams. The text fragment borrowed by Høy is followed by a personal response. For her installation in die raum Høy uses a sentence from Stigmata written by the French poet and theoretician Hélène Cixous. The chosen statement refers to a structural condition of die raum. Cixous’ utterance and Høy’s response are written in neon and mounted on wood plates suspended in the room, which grants the sentences a clear sculptural dimension. In her text pieces — as well as in her sculptural work — Høy creates composite structures that often carry a surprise effect and breakdown in meaning. In the series Words Found More Added the structure of statements added playful and often humorous responses obstructs a “logic” and “linear” reading, which ultimately stresses the “physical” or formal char­ac­ter of language and its metaphors. Hello Everybody! is as such a three-dimensional ultra short poem of skillful word-acrobatics, inviting the viewer to join the production of images.