die raum


2023 SE13 arturas bumšteinas & kristupas gikas: voice turnings

turntable concert on saturday, april 29, 15 h

The performative installation Voice Turnings comprises three stages. The first stage of the project is a full week of recording sessions. From April 21— 28, Lithuanian sound artists Arturas Bumšteinas and Kristupas Gikas will install and operate a vinyl cutting machine in die raum. Interested individuals will be able to visit and record a 10-inch record of their singing, speaking, shouting, whispering, etc., and receive a vinyl copy of their sound recording. The second stage is a concert during Gallery Weekend on April 29, 15 h where the duo will perform a turntable mix of all the collected voices. The final stage of the project is an exhibition in die raum, which presents the physical traces of the recording sessions.
 In addition to their solo careers as experimental sound artists exploring the field between visual arts and sound, Bumšteinas and Gikas also perform together in the improvised-sound-sculpture band Sneeze Etiquette.

Special event in conjunction with the correspondent exhibition:
→ 2023 0056 arturas bumšteinas& kristupas gikas.