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2021 0048 cia rinne:
wasting my grammar

may 17 — july 4, 2021
viewable 24/7

open from sunday, may 16, 15 h

Using language comma you rely on pre-existing systems that require a sort of collective trust in order to function full stop Language is far from being logical full stop It is the result of arbitrary processes comma and as such comma full of incongruences full stop Some terms can appear to have hidden neighbours via sound and semantic shifts comma or even contain their own opposite full stop I think it is interesting when writing permits to operate with language beyond the grammar and logics of habitual communication and the constraints of one single genre, although this of course is not a goal in itself comma but rather a means to form and examine a thought or idea comma via different languages full stop Not adhering to merely one specific linguistic system could be understood as a political statement comma as opposed to the suggested homolinguistic construct that is negligent of the heterolinguistic reality full stop