die raum
Project Space Festival

2016 0029 pierre-olivier arnaud: effective

september 9 — october 30, 2016
viewable 24 hours

vernissage on thursday, september 8, 19 h

Pierre-Olivier Arnaud’s installation for die raum comprises black and white photographic prints pasted onto the walls of the space. The minimal approach extends to the pictorial content of the images, which are re-photographed, pixilated details of a shop window display. Ultimately, these reveal very little of the original visual message. Balancing between abstraction and figuration, the commercial and relatively one-directional content mutates into a myriad of signs that are open to an indefinite number of readings, not unlike the workings of a poem. The life-size format and the seductively high print quality only reinforce the ambiguous or ‘slippery’ nature of the works, which are positioned somewhere between object and image.
 Working predominantly within the photographic medium, Arnaud’s interest lies in the aesthetic and informative value of images of our daily surroundings and their ability to inspire psychological projection. The re-processing of found photographic image material is a subtle testing of the limits of pictorial signification.