die raum


2013 0014 benandsebastian: following the museum

april 21— june 9, 2013
viewable 24 hours

“[…] phenomena may have a powerful presence in people’s lives precisely because of their absence […] The duality of absence and presence is contained within the confrontation with the in­complete: that which shows absence not as an ­entire existential emptiness, but as a defective continuity, something that is in need of completion or from which parts are missing.”

Mikkel Bille, Frida Hastrup, Tim Flohr Sørensen


1) Phantom Limbs (2011)
80cm × 80cm ×180cm
Teak, glass, steel, oak, leather
Child’s 19th century prosthetic leg built into construction
consisting of 5 interlocking teak vitrines

2) Mountain […] (2008/2011)
213 ×123 × 210cm190cm
Teak, beech plywood, MDF, plastic, steel, cardboard, rubberised paint finish
Mechanical adjustable-height table with office spaces under tabletop;
modelled at scale 1:50, displayed within
bespoke vitrine

3) The Outsider / The Insider (2010/2011)
187× 83 ×131cm110cm
Teak, concrete, oak, brass, high gloss white paint
Reinforced concrete-cast chair with folding formwork made in oak,
hinged with brass, displayed within
bespoke vitrine

4) The Forgotten Follies of Sølyst (2010/2011)
110 × 96 × 221cm190cm
Teak, oak, brass, white gloss paint
Set of hinged casting shuttering, displayed within bespoke vitrine

5) Seat […] (2009/2011)
73 × 73 ×150cm110cm
Teak, zebrano, bog oak, oak, maple, cherry, douglas fir, plaster
Marquetry-work chair with lathed plaster casts, in ruined or incomplete state,
displayed within
bespoke vitrine