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2021 0050 kristoffer raasted: evergreen

december 5, 2021 — january 30, 2022
viewable 24/7

open from saturday, december 4, 17 h

Softly, as if in a dream, your voice flows into the microphone. Time is standing still. You feel light, floating, the technical engineer seems so far away behind the glass, you’ve taken off. Out there drifting between the stars you know you’re making a tune that someone might once hear. It is of importance to you to make this a shiny moment, an honest emotion, a marvellous gem. You sing your heart out, very gently, to the microphone in front of you. You’re a recording artist at the peak of your career. Nothing is more operatic than that scene. Your moment has come. You’re there, you’ve reached your destination, fulfilled your goal. It makes sense to be alive. You’ve expressed your deep emotion for the world to feel.