die raum
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2012 0011 tove storch

september 15 — october 21, 2012
viewable 24 hours

Tove Storch’s installation for die raum comprises rectangular struc­tures up­hol­stered with grey fine-woven silk. Like an amalgam filling, they block the space hori­zon­tally, leaving the viewer to stand on the street. As the space is kept open, the silk objects will be exposed to the autumn weather.
 Working as a membrane of an airy substance the transparent silk elements combine with the surface of die raum almost like a chemical reaction. Grey and hard edged, the structures mimic the physical characters of die raum. Although they look as hard and strong as the concrete walls of the space they are in fact their complete opposite — fragile and soft. The objects seem to form a physical paradox — doubling the surface of die raum — and at the very same time, cancelling it out.
 The silk objects work as immaterial layers that blur and redefine the physical boundaries of the space. As such the silk structures function as an optic tool that mediates the actual size of die raum. The structures visually “translate“ the physical dimensions of the space to the viewer, making it visible to a higher degree. In her subtle sculptural work Storch is generally concerned with a deep awareness of the physical parameters of a space. Her work for die raum seeks to condense and frame the confrontation with a purpose built crack in the city that lingers osmotically between public and private.