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2021 0049 egill sæbjörnsson: flower vase V

september 13 — november 14, 2021
viewable 24/7

vernissage on sunday, september 12, 17 h

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s new work for die raum is an animated film of a digitally traced flower vase drawing projected onto a three-dimensional object. Flower Vase V is about the pleasure of draw­ing, stressing the importance and healing effects of playfulness and creativity. Celebrating the simple gestures of art and life this series proposes a counter-narrative to the constant and ultimately “unhealthy” urge within society for the accumulation of knowledge and the need for economic growth. To Sæbjörnsson the act of drawing vases with flowers brings joy to his “inner child” and are as such a reference to art therapy and specifically the Icelandic pioneer Sigríður Björnsdóttir: “Art has been my guiding light throughout my life and career. I believe that we all have the ability to experience and react by expressing ourselves without thinking. The pictures that emerge spontaneously during the creative process are a reflection of a much bigger process, an indi­vidual’s inner journey. This has to do with getting in touch with and harnessing the creative force that lies within us all. This was why I knew that every child could create a picture”.

(Quote from “Art can Heal” by Ágústa Oddsdóttir, Walther König publishers)