2018 0039 ragnhild may: feel the art power

november 16, 2018 — january 13, 2019
viewable 24/7

vernissage on thursday, november 15, 19 h

Feel the art power is an installation consisting of several parts that emerges from Ragnhild May’s recent interest in the workings and aesthetics of commercial slogans, branding, and merchandise. The installation consists of two neon signs: slogans shamelessly promoting art and its great potential (as well as white tennis socks for sale… at a low price!!!). In addition — inhabiting the immediate surroundings of die raum — a bronze cast of a pair of typical 90’s Buffalo platform ankle boots and a car-paint decorated giant vase in a loud design, making it hard to ignore.
 Ragnhild May works with language, sound, sculpture, installation, and performance. Like her laborious DIY wind instruments that work as cybernetic extensions of the body — the installation for die raum is a playful experiment that tests certain boundaries. An organism with multiple tentacles, the installation inserts itself into the daily life of Oderberger Straße, co-opting pop-cultural icons, urban aesthetics, and commercial marketing strategies for its own benefit.