2017 0031 lone haugaard madsen: raum#337

april 2 — may 28, 2017
viewable 24 hours

vernissage on saturday, april 1, 19 h

As the title suggests, Lone Haugaard Madsen’s new piece for die raum is part of an ongoing ‘narrative’ that consists of a ­series of installations and sculptural works. Haugaard Madsen works ­according to the principle that the best way to exploit the full ­potential of an exhibition space is by turning it into an on-site studio in the days prior to the opening. In doing so, it is possible to react directly to the physical context of the exhibition space and enter a sculptural dialogue with, for example, the dimensions of the space, its aesthetics, history and social context. Raum#337 is a carefully composed testament to the physical and conceptual possibilities and limitations of die raum.
 Similar to its predecessors, ‘Space no 337’ consists of an assemblage of materials — partly collected and found, and partly ­manufactured. The installation is a composition of materials and objects (with a potential function) — with a strong emphasis on their ­material character. They are remnants of earlier processes (art making, scenography), and as poetic traces of past productions they ­question their own status as objects and materials. When is a material considered ‘raw material’, and when is a certain material an object with a certain function — like an artwork?