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2016 0027 gitte broeng & lasse krog møller: puzzle

april 17 — may 29, 2016
viewable 24 hours

vernissage on saturday, april 16, 19 h

“Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the world’s greatest diminutive boutique!”: As a tribute to the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle, John Spilsbury, as well as to odd stores in general, visual artist Lasse Krog Møller and writer Gitte Broeng transform the exhibition space into a puzzling imitation of a small store. On display — but not for sale — are objects such as a hanger, a red thread, a bell, a map, an accordion, two shoe trees (one left, one right), window envelopes and a jigsaw puzzle. The objects double as characters of a one-act play accompanying the installation on site — as well as in the form of a small book — and represent, in all its obscurity, the outcome of an associative selection game between Broeng and Møller.
 Lacking an obvious “connecting thread” — other than the personified object on display — the installation juggles with the meaning of words and objects, creating an enigmatic funfair of signifiers.
 Gitte Broeng is an author of both poetry and prose, often working in the field of visual art. Lasse Krog Møller not only works with installation but is also a publisher of artist books and bibliographies. Puzzle is the first project the couple has ­developed together.