2017 0030 marianne vierø: coat concave

january 30 — march 19, 2017
viewable 24 hours

vernissage on sunday, january 29, 15 h

Coat Concave consists of an intricate interplay of outlines, surface, form and material — a sculptural abstraction or material ‘adaptation' of die raum and its physical properties. Mirroring the classic relationship between the two-dimensionality of a sewing pattern and the volume of the finished garment, Vierø's installation presents a series of wall drawings and a plaster cast. As a playful reference to the 'pocket-ness' of the exhibition space, the wall drawings outline the abstracted forms of an oversized coat pocket, while the plaster cast captures the negative space of the pocket interior. Guided by the material properties of the exhibition space, the cast and drawings tell the story of a process that moves from the three-dimensional (the space/the pocket) to the two-dimensional (the drawings/the wall surface) and back again (the cast in the space). During the exhibition period, the front of die raum will be open, thus emphasising the play on negative and positive space in the installation.
 In her work, which comprises photography, sculpture, and installation, Marianne Vierø shows a strong interest in materials as socially active, interrelated agents that constantly undergo transformation, and which shape our lives.