2011 0003 rose eken: there is a light that never goes out

may 28 — july 2, 2011

Rose Eken has borrowed the title for her installation from a well known song by The Smiths. There is a light that never goes out comprises typical artefacts from the music world, such as an amp, cables, guitar pedals, duct tape, and beer bottles. The objects are remodelled to almost life size as awkward ceramic sculptures and poetically staged as the inconspicuous remnants of some past musical event or a sculptural interlude before the next rehearsal.
 Eken exploits the myths of rock ’n’ roll and fan culture in the creation of new narratives. Mythically charged props are re-staged and also re-scaled as tiny cardboard models, which become evocative backdrops for fictional tales. Eken’s objects are clearly handmade in a combination of meticulous crafts­­man­ship and amateurish DIY style. The rough cartoony ceramics, fine large-scale embroideries of bands set lists, and miniature reconstructions of legendary guitars are all produced with an intensity and zeal that echo the dedication and endurance which characterises the very essence of music making.